How to impress your girlfriend

How to impress your girlfriend

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How to impress your girlfriend

Impressing a girl can be quite hard when you are timid and shy. This is why we created this article about how to impress your girlfriend, to help you find your courage. In fact, the tips we are going to give you, aer quite simple and straightforward so you can boost your confidence in front of your girl!

Be mature

Women do not want the eternal teenager next to them, but an adult with whom they can communicate on equal terms. What does this mean; You do not ignore phone calls or messages, you do not have nervous breakdowns because yours did not pass, you do not fight for the slightest thing, you do not swear for everything


“I can not choose Kiki or Coco, I want both”! Decide what you want: relationship or acquaintance? Marriage or flirting? Go here or there? Determination shows maturity and security, two characteristics that women like.

Organization and Planning

Nice in bulk and spontaneous, but soon gets tired! Get organized, plan where, when you will go with which company, make reservations and show your girlfriend that you do not live only for now, but you have your eyes on the future.

The Courage of Opinion

Have the courage of your own opinion and express it, but also leave room for the opinion of others. After all, an opinion is. Respect your girlfriend’s opinion, disagree correctly, but never degrade her, especially in front of others.


When you say ‘yes’ it should mean ‘yes’, and when you say ‘no’ it should mean no. If you want a relationship, say so. If you do not want a relationship, tell him again. And if you do not know what you want, just leave the girl alone.

Proud of her career

Show enthusiasm, pride and support for her career. Her job is as important as yours. Whatever she is doing for a living should not make her feel bad or ashamed. Support her every choice and make sure you do it with actions and not only words.

Invite her

Ask her where she would like to go and plan to take her there. Whether it is a new bar or a romantic trip, the pleasure is the same.

Ask her how her day was and…

Pay attention to what he tells you. Ask her for some details. Show interest in her life and then tell about your day. When she walks in the room make sure to greet her with a smile, a hug or a kiss.


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