SEO: Building your links

SEO: Building your links


SEO: Building your links

The link building process should be slow and steady like a marathon and not an outburst, a sprint. In fact, many sites try to get thousands of links to their page through black hat SEO software, only to realize that at some point they were blocked by Google.

Basic Links Building Rules

  1. The link building process takes months or it should even take months.
  2. There should be a rule in link building. If it happens too soon we will face the relevant penalties from Google. If it happens too late we will never be able to beat the competition! Finding the perfect balance in link building speed is the best and safest way. But experience and experimentation are required. I have invested a lot of time in this process, when we talk about time, I mean years.
  3. The only unbalanced factor is the Competitiveness of the target market. Finding fewer competitive markets or less competitive keywords will help you a lot to get first places.
  4. Never start the link building process unless you have completed on-page optimization.
  5. Start SEO-link building cycles using some dispersion of links from different sources. Never have a single source of link building.
  6. Create an SEO plan and include some SEO cycles, SEO cycles should be monthly or weekly. A good SEO plan includes 12 or 10 monthly cycles. This is what you should aim for.
  7. Finally, it would be good to have already created three to five pillar articles for your blog and to have written at least 10 to 20 sub-articles for each pillar article that will support and link.

SEO planning

Submit content to blogs that are dofollow. Just find a series of blogs that are credible and have a high PR. You need to focus on blogs that belong to your industry and have quality content. The appropriate rate is 10 to 20 blog posts per month. The best way to submit content to blogs is through comments.

Forums Submissions.

Forums are a great source of links and traffic. Too many of these will not allow you to leave your signature unless you have already completed a total of 10 submissions. About 20 forum posts a month is a good start. Submitting to Forums as well as to blogs takes some time and you have to be patient.

Profile Submissions.

Every month it would be good to submit your page content to high profile pages, such as Wikipedia. In the beginning, 10 high profile pages are enough, and then you can intensify your efforts. Every month I post content to such high profile pages and then I come back every month and check the links if they are included.

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