The most common reasons that clog the sewer

The most common reasons that clog the sewer

Surely you have all been faced with the problem called clogged sewer according to Αποφράξεις Αντωνίου. Over time, the pipes can fill with various objects or sticky liquids, resulting in a small pool in your sink, bathtub or sink. If the problem is local, then it is easy, but if it concerns the main sewer line of your house then you have a big problem.

Then of course you will have to call the experts, a sewer workshop will get you out of the difficult position and will take care with its services to solve all your problems. In order not to get to this point, let’s look at the most common reasons why our sewer can become clogged. Sewer blockage is the result of household items being pushed down. There is no doubt that clogged drains are a huge inconvenience. However, if treated early enough, they are usually quick and easy to correct.

There are several causes that lead to a clogged drain. The most common are the accumulation of sewage and general debris in water pipes. Grease that washes away in the kitchen sink is one of the main causes of clogged drains, as thick substances stick to the walls of the pipes and accumulate over time, eventually restricting the flow of water to the point where nothing can pass. Natural debris such as leaves and twigs can be a disaster for outdoor drains, especially in autumn and winter.


One reason that clogs your sewer is the food waste and fibrous food that you throw in your sink. All this accumulates in the pipelines resulting in the blockage of the drainage passage. You must first dispose of the waste in a garbage can.

If you throw food in the trash can, then let the water run for a minute and then make sure it has passed through the drain hose. Do not forget that the throwing of fatty and fibrous foods is prohibited, otherwise very soon you will need to block again.


Many times we throw papers in the toilet bowl thinking that they will dissolve. But the truth is that they do not dissolve, even the biodegradable ones are slow to disappear. So all the occupants of the apartment building must be careful, because otherwise very soon there will be problems. These are problems that only professional plumbers like Αποφράξεις Αντωνίου can deal with.


Every woman loves to take care and take care of her rich and wonderful hair! But what happens when these are the reason why the pipes are blocked? In this case it is good to buy a special grill to hold the hairs in the bathtub. In order to break them down, a special occlusive fluid is needed. Only a specialized workshop with the blocking services it provides can solve this problem for you, and of course you will be a little more careful from now on so that this does not happen again.


How many times has any object fallen into your toilet bowl? Many times you will think. How many times have you thrown anything in? Many times you will think again. Any object, for example sanitary napkins, cosmetics or various small items found in your sewer can cause damage and clog it.

Any small object that you throw can cause serious damage to the sewer systems of the house. In such situations, notify the special blockage crews because they have the appropriate equipment for such problems.

Finally, care is needed in all cases in order to avoid such problems. Immediately buy small grills to hold your hair in the bathtub and food in the sink. Stop throwing away papers and objects and you will see how you will get rid of such problems for a long time!

Fortunately, there are some easy and often very effective solutions to save money  and the particularly harsh and dangerous chemicals used in these cases. We also recommend that you clean the drains often and always use the appropriate stainless steel filters at the gutter inlet.

While maintenance is recommended to avoid sewer blockage, it is sometimes unavoidable as drainage cannot be done and needs more attention from specialists. Tree roots can be another cause of clogged drains, as they tend to grow in search of water, which of course drains provide in abundance. Once in place, they not only prevent drainage, but can cause damage and cracks in pipes, leading to much more serious problems and costly repairs, says Αποφράξεις – Αντωνίου.

As mentioned above, many times, a sewer blockage is the result of household items being pushed down. You will not believe the things we find – cutlery, children’s toys, traces, toothbrushes and jewelry.

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