Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite is a light diamond

Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite is a light diamond

Today we are presenting the Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite – θήκες κινητών -. It is packaged in a huge box with this beautiful two-tone purple and red, with the reference Mi 8 Lite on the front of the box. Somewhere on the side it seems that the device contained inside is the Global version, which does not cause us worries about custom roms and strange situations with the Greek language. On the back of the package, some of the basic features of the device are listed, however we will see them in more detail below.

In the package of the Mi 8 Lite we will obviously find inside the mobile phone itself, a USB Type C cable for charging, the charger which unfortunately is not of the category Quick Charge 3.0 that the device supports, the booklets for the use of the mobile phone and the guarantee , as well as a small gift from the company with a transparent plastic and quality case, which I use from the first moment to avoid any kind of scratch on the back of the device. Important to mention that since the device does not have a 3.5mm headphone jack, Xiaomi also gives us a gift and the adapter from Type C to 3.5mm Jack to enjoy our music with the handsfree. Finally, we have this beautiful “pin” for removing the SIM card from the left side of the device.


The Lite version of the Mi 8 comes up with more or less the same features as the base model. We have small differences and not so substantial, considering the price difference. Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite has IPS 6.26 ”screen in 1080 × 2280 resolution. Equipped with the octa-core Snapdragon 660 and Adreno 512 in graphics. The device reached my hands with Android 8.1 (Oreo) and Xiaomi’s custom MIUI 10. The company has reported that owners of the Mi 8 and Mi 8 Lite will receive the coveted update for Android 9 in the coming months.

As for the cameras now, we have a total of three cameras on the device. Two on the back and one in front like a selfie camera. The front is 24MP with Auto HDR and is capable of capturing video at resolutions up to 1080p at 30fps. On the rear cameras we have one with 12MP and f / 1.9 that works as a main camera and a 5MP with f / 2.0 that works as an auxiliary depth camera. The phone can and does take high quality photos assisted by Xiaomi’s brand new AI system. The video reaches 4K resolutions at 30fps or 1080p at 120fps.

The version I have in my hands has 6GB of RAM and 128GB of ROM. This is the first time I have a cell phone so powerful and the differences in response and performance compared to my previous cell phones are just chaotic. So for the record, let me mention that this particular phone is also available in a version of 4GB RAM and 64GB storage, and of course its price is slightly lower.


Perhaps the most basic criterion for buying a mobile phone nowadays, for better or worse, is the camera. If the cell phone you have printed takes good photos and even better selfies, then you just have a strong argument to buy. In the Mi 8 Lite the cameras are really impressive. The photos as a whole, the colors, the sharpness of the lenses, the background blur, are all wonderful. The mobile phone has the ability to capture very beautiful photos, with high definition and vivid colors.

The selfies are extremely satisfying while at the same time all the photos of the mobile can receive help from the “Beautification” functions of Xiaomi and the “Artificial Intelligence”. The AI ​​function in the camera, can and does detect the subject you are trying to take a photo with, and immediately sets the appropriate settings for you, making the image launch. Some of the AI ​​functions of the company, for example, are the recognition of faces, sky, plants, landscapes and others.

However, the camera of the mobile phone has not left me completely satisfied, since the video of the device is not what I expected. On the one hand the photos of the Mi 8 Lite are incredible, on the other hand I would characterize the video as below average. Although the device supports resolutions up to 4K, the result is by no means as good as it sounds. There is a lot of “noise” in the shot, the colors are much more faded and the clarity of the video is reminiscent of low cost devices and features. Sure if one tries to shoot video with the help of bright light, the shot will come alive and appear much better, but that does not make the video of the device good in my eyes.


Perhaps the most important selling point of the device is its appearance. Xiaomi this time has delivered a device that is really beautiful. Externally the mobile is quite simple, without much fuss. On the left we will find a slot for the SIM card, on the right the volume keys and the power button, while at the bottom of the device we have the grilles for the speakers and the microphone as well as the USB Type C port.

Finally, on the back we have the cameras in a double horizontal arrangement with the LED flash, as well as the fingerprint. Immediate response, minimal cases of error or non-recognition of the fingerprint as well as left no room to unlock the device with another finger or in the efforts of others.


With heavy use, then, the device comfortably takes an entire day of use and goes for a second. Depending on the use that will be made the next day, I will judge whether it needs charging or not in the afternoon. So in my eyes and with my own use, the battery of the device seems to be used quite well by the operating system and applications of the device, which leaves me only positive impressions.

If you are looking for a fairly good mobile phone, without caring if you will have the company flagship, all the latest technical features and the most advanced features, then this mobile is for you. It has a satisfactory 6.2 ”screen, incredible taking of photos and especially selfies and perfect battery autonomy. What else to ask for?

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